2014 River City Cup

The seventh stop on the 2014 Alberta Disc Golf Tour is Edmonton which plays host to the River City Cup at the Rundle Park Disc Golf Course on August 2 and 3.

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Saturday, August 2
8:00 AM Registration
9:45 AM Player’s Meeting
10:00 AM Round 1
2:00 AM Round 2
Sunday, August 3
9:15 AM Player’s Meeting
9:30 AM Round 3
1:00 PM Round 4
4:00 PM Trophies, Prizes & Raffle

Tournament Fees

$60.00 Pro
$60.00 Masters
$60.00 Grand-Masters
$50.00 Advanced
$50.00 Advanced Masters
$40.00 Intermediate
$30.00 Novice
$20.00 Junior
Women receive a $10 discount
First 50 registered get an event shirt


If you’d like to pre-register for the event and help us to better determine the amount of participants you can do so by filling out the registration form below.

Who’s already pre-registered?

Name First Last City Gender Division
Dan Kenny Dan Kenny edmonton Male Open
ron McDuffron ron McDuffron edmonton Male Masters
Kyle Warren Kyle Warren Edmonton Male Intermediate
Derrell Doucette Derrell Doucette Edmonton Male Novice
Kalen Foobie Kalen Foobie Edmonton Male Advanced
Lesley Gibson Lesley Gibson Edmonton Male Novice
The Shaun The Shaun Calgary Male Advanced
Twelve Steps Twelve Steps Calgary Male Open
Casey Murphy Casey Murphy Sherwood Park Female Advanced
Shane Cunningham Shane Cunningham Bend Male Open
Trent Mills Trent Mills Edmonton Male Advanced Masters
Shelley Marshall Shelley Marshall Edmonton Female Novice
Jeffrey Ellwanger Jeffrey Ellwanger Calgary Male Intermediate
Howi meeker Howi meeker calgary Male Masters
Paul Forand Paul Forand Canmore Male Open
Glen Oliviero Glen Oliviero Delta Male Masters
Kalen Faubert Kalen Faubert   Male Open
christiane laroche christiane laroche edmonton Female Intermediate
Bill Humbgy Bill Humbgy edmonton Male Grandmasters
Gabriel-Ange R. Duguay Gabriel-Ange R. Duguay Boyle Male Intermediate
Edmond Duguay Edmond Duguay Claresholm Male Masters
Ben Linton Ben Linton Esmonton Male Novice
Daniel Bohnke-Jorgensen Daniel Bohnke-Jorgensen Red Deer Male Open
Jerry Naegeli Jerry Naegeli Edmonton Male Intermediate
Bernard Assen Bernard Assen Calgary Male Grandmasters
Ben G Ben G Calgary Male Open
Sean McInnes Sean McInnes Calgary Male Advanced Masters
Jeffrey Ellwanger Jeffrey Ellwanger Calgary Male Intermediate
Joel Kvarnberg Joel Kvarnberg Calgary Male Intermediate
Larry Henderson Larry Henderson Calgary Male Intermediate
Tyler Mayotte Tyler Mayotte Edmonton Male Advanced
mike okeefe mike okeefe edmonton Male Masters
andrew "fuzzy" grant andrew "fuzzy" grant edmonton Male Advanced
Dan Flynn Dan Flynn Edmonton Male Masters
Karl Kyndesen Karl Kyndesen Edmonton Male Masters
Jason Kramer Jason Kramer Edmonton Male Novice
markus hundt markus hundt St.Albert Male Advanced
Tyler Sharpe Tyler Sharpe Edmonton Male Junior
gaRk gaRk   dark musty cave Male Open
Ashli MacDonald Ashli MacDonald Edmonton Female Intermediate
Josh Smith Josh Smith Edmonton Male Advanced
Nick Smith Nick Smith Edmonton Male Open
carson swampy carson swampy maskwacis Male Advanced
Chris Newbergher Chris Newbergher Edmonton Male Advanced Masters
gregory gatzke gregory gatzke Wildwood Male Open
rick Lichuk rick Lichuk Edmonton Male Grandmasters
Michael Stoddard Michael Stoddard Edmonton Male Advanced
Donna Snyder Donna Snyder Edmonton Female Novice
Joe Wilson Joe Wilson Edmonton Male Intermediate
Chris Lee Chris Lee Edmonton Male Open
James Schorr James Schorr Lacombe Male Novice
Calynn Stumpf Calynn Stumpf Edmonton Male Intermediate
Tim Quakenbush Tim Quakenbush Edmonton Male Grandmasters
Kevin Rutt Kevin Rutt Calgary Male Grandmasters
Daniel Martin Daniel Martin Dawson Creek Male Advanced
Mitch Coté Mitch Coté Grande prairie Male Intermediate
Chris Emberly Chris Emberly St. Albert Male Advanced Masters
Rick Byron Rick Byron Edmonton Male Intermediate
Kris Akins Kris Akins edmonton Male Advanced
Rob Sharpe Rob Sharpe Edmonton Male Open
Mike krishnasami Mike krishnasami Edmonton Male Intermediate
Dave Dalton Dave Dalton Edmonton Male Novice
Brad Beer Brad Beer Edmonton Male Advanced Masters
Jason Brown Jason Brown Edmonton Male Open
Kris P Kris P Calgary Male Open
Bill Humby Bill Humby Edmonton Male Grandmasters
Clayton Hines Clayton Hines Lloydminster Male Intermediate
Codie Payne Codie Payne Grande Prairie Male Advanced
Bressey Dylan Bressey Dylan Grande Prairie Male Advanced
Ryan Garrity Ryan Garrity Winnipeg Male Intermediate
ron falconer ron falconer calgary Male Grandmasters
Steven Meeker Steven Meeker Calgary Male Advanced Masters
Wes Meyers Wes Meyers Calgary Male Masters
Darren Olsen Darren Olsen Calgary Male Advanced
Darren Olsen Darren Olsen Calgary Male Advanced
Sonya Ewaniuk Sonya Ewaniuk Penticton Female Open
Jody Ewaniuk Jody Ewaniuk Penticton Male Intermediate
Jan Zawada Jan Zawada hepburn Female Novice
Markus Hundt Markus Hundt St.Albert Male Advanced
Dave Hickey Dave Hickey Ft sask Male Intermediate
James Morton James Morton Edmonton Male Intermediate
Ryan Warwick Ryan Warwick Edmonton Male Intermediate
Dee St. Louis Dee St. Louis Drayton valley Female Masters
Emile.com Lol Emile.com Lol Draytonvalley Male Masters
Aaron Edwards Aaron Edwards   Male Advanced
Chris Macdonald Chris Macdonald Edmonton Male Intermediate
David Murphy David Murphy Edmonton Male Intermediate
Colin Finlay Colin Finlay Edmonton Male Advanced
Wally Ovalle Wally Ovalle Edmonton Male Masters
Alyson Bundus Alyson Bundus Edmonton Female Advanced
Brendan Millett Brendan Millett Edmonton Male Advanced
Steve Ouellet Steve Ouellet Edmonton Male Advanced Masters
Shayne Bundus Shayne Bundus Edmonton Male Open
11 replies
  1. Wally
    Wally says:

    Hi All, I actually ordered more shirts for the event so now we have 61 in total. So make sure to pre-register to ensure you receive a shirt, if you pre-register but don’t show up to the event your shirt will be given to the next person in line that showed up to the event.

  2. Dave hickey
    Dave hickey says:

    I’m not sure if I’m a PDA member or not. Does our membership with Edga give us PDA membership? Hey Wally I’m a 3x

    • Wally
      Wally says:

      Hi Tim, if you look at the poster, beside the division name it has the scores the people on that division shoot for an average, this will help determine which division you should be in.

  3. Edmond
    Edmond says:

    Hi Wally ! I probably missed about the size of the T-shirt … Can u take one of XL for me please ? Tx Wally n see u at the tournament !


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